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Diversity and Inclusion Training Online

View our range of Diversity & Inclusion Online Training Courses below:

Sexual Harassment

Online Training & Assessment

$35.00 incl GST

Diversity Australia is the leading National supplier in Sexual Harassment training for organisations.  One of the biggest changes is new National and International Laws that are now highlighted with the recent disclosures in the Entertainment Industry that has created a wave of new allegations affecting many businesses globally.

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introduction to Bullying and sexual harassment
Module 2 – Understanding Bullying and Sexual Harassment
Module 3 – Creating a harassment-free workplace
Module 4 – Sexual Harassment and the law
Module 5 – Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace

Respectful Workplace Program

 Online Training & Assessment

$45.00 incl GST

Diversity Australia’s Respectful Workplace (Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination) Program is a valuable tool in helping to make your workplace free of incidents involving sexual harassment and bullying.

Despite strong government attention and legislative focus, Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination still remain the most prevalent form of harassment in the workplace.

This Program is suitable for staff at all levels and is relevant for all workplaces, aiming to educate generally about the negative impacts of harassment and also to challenge widely held misconceptions about what sexual harassment is.

Disability Awareness

Online Training & Assessment

$45.00 incl GST

Diversity Australia’s disability awareness program is offered via three key delivery mediums. Face to Face, Virtual and Online delivery modules all capture the latest in learning and resourcing to allow organisations and their staff to meet the challenges ingrained across many cultural and attitudinal barriers that drive discriminatory behaviours.

This key program provides participants with a general overview of the latest laws and legislation frameworks which supports the management and inclusion of people with disability in nationally and internationally.

Course Outline

Module 1 – What is disability?
Module 2 – Identifying disability in your workplace and community
Module 3 – Laws, Legislation & Policy changes
Module 4 – Disability across our Community
Module 5 – Diversity Development Programs and Inclusion

Unconscious Bias in Talent Management

 Online Training & Assessment

$55.00 incl GST

This course is specifically-tailored for people managers and inclusive leaders who wish to explore and better understand the impact of unconscious bias on hiring, promotion, performance management, and succession management by delving deeper into the impact of these phenomena upon your employees, workplace, and marketplace standing.

The tutorial covers the Several Patterns of Unconscious Bias:

Diagnosis Bias
Pattern Recognition
Anchoring Bias
Confirmational Bias
Commitment Validation Bias, and
Internalised Bias
Similarity Bias
Likability Bias

It additionally explores the impact of these biases on the domains of Human Capital and Talent Management, including sourcing, recruiting & interviewing, performance reviews, calibration, recognising talent, and developing & promoting talent.

Inclusive Leadership in a Diverse World

Online Training & Assessment

$35.00 incl GST

Diversity Australia’s Inclusive Leadership Tools Are The First Of Their Kind, Designed To Answer The Specific Question… “How Can I Be More Inclusive Across An Entire Workplace?”

Companies that prove a responsible approach to diversity, equality and inclusion issues will gain a vital competitive edge and build confidence in its clients, investors, local communities and consumers.

Diversity and social responsibility has risen to the forefront of company concerns. Openly communicating diversity and social accountability can build trust and support ONLY if the stakeholders are confident that the information is accurate in representing the company’s social, environmental and ethical performance.

We cover all type of services but typically:

•   Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Tools
•   Gender Parity Benchmarking for Remuneration
•   Training and Learning Systems
•   Inclusive Leadership Management Programs
•   Unconscious Bias Testing & Training

Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Employees

Online Training & Assessment

$45.00 incl GST

People come to work to make a contribution, with the aim of doing their best. When individuals don’t feel safe it’s hard to do their best work. It is one of the reasons why psychological safety is important.

Psychological safety doesn’t just help create the best conditions for positive mental health, it also makes good business sense. High levels of psychological safety leads to greater business performance, employee engagement and innovation. Without psychological safety individuals won’t feel comfortable in challenging the status quo, nor will they look for new ways of doing things. If an individual doesn’t feel psychologically safe, then they will stay in their comfort zone rather than take calculated risks. The result is less innovation and progression.

On successful completion of the program participants will be able to understand and manage several mental health strategies that managers can implement to build a more psychologically safe environment.

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