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Diversity Australia provides organisations with a range of services, from a one-off training program to the complete design and implementation of your diversity strategy. We use a five phase process to guide organisations through their diversity journey.  The entire process is evidence-based and incremental, with each phase building on the next. We also recognise that some employers have already made progress, and have moved through one or more phases and we are fully able to support clients at any stage of the process and can design and implement discrete programs to leverage what has already been achieved.

Diversity Australia’s model for sustaining diversity progress within organisations is based on change management best practice and established methodology. Where appropriate, we also promote the value of piloting as a bridge between the design of solutions and their implementation, to ensure that they are fully optimised before broader roll-out.   Diversity Australia’s approach to embedding sustainable change in organisations recognises that workforce diversity is one part of the solution, the foundation. To fully leverage the business benefits that employee diversity offers (such as diversity of thinking), organisations need to develop an inclusive culture.

Indigenous Program Development

Diversity Australia and its team work with your organisaiton to source and secure employment for more Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in all occupations, levels of employment and locations throughout Australia.

Diversity & Inclusion Program

To gain a competitive advantage, organisations are learning that inviting the perspectives of diverse employee groups adds significant financial value to their bottom line by embracing and leveraging differences for the benefit of the organisation. 

Psychological Safety at Work
Psychological safety at work is about creating an environment where staff can speak up, share ideas, ask questions and make mistakes without fear of humiliation or retribution by creating an environment that supports genuine participation. 

Workplace Gender Equality Reporting

Workplace gender equality reporting creates a culture of blame and shame rather than working collaboratively to address the issue of gender inequality, where reporting requirements leads to finger-pointing and a sense of defensiveness among companies that are unable to meet targets or show improvement.

Women In Industry

Women are an integral part of all industrys and have a great deal to offer organisations big and small, in multiple industry sectors and across all levels of management. Our aim is to provoke thought and discussion and encourage all industry’s and its stakeholders to review current work policies to create work opportunities for better engagement with skilled and experienced women.

Empowering A New Workforce

Gender differences, although not categorical, do exist. The solution to gender neutrality, research shows, lies not in trying to balance gender stereotypes, but in respecting and meeting the basic human needs of each sex.  As more and more women ascend to professional and leadership positions, businesses and organisations have striven to create cultures and provide environments that accommodate both sexes without favouritism.

Test Your Own Unconscious Bias

“Unconscious or hidden beliefs – attitudes and biases beyond our regular perceptions of ourselves and others – underlie a great deal of our patterns of behaviour about diversity.”

Diversity Best Practices: Proven Strategies for Addressing Unconscious Bias in the workplace.
To learn more about your own biases:

    • Seek out feedback from your team and peers about whether your personal preferences and beliefs inadvertently hinder diversity.
  • Make a positive effort to learn more about the experiences of those not in your ‘in-group’.

Take the Implicit Bias Test

Do You Need Some Help?

The most successful organizations realise that DE&I maturity is the shared responsibility of all internal stakeholders.

Key corporate functions must take responsibility for each dimension, but all functions must be on board for the DE&I journey.

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