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Diversity Australia provides organisations with a range of services, from a one-off training program to the complete design and implementation of your diversity strategy. We use a five phase process to guide organisations through their diversity journey.

The entire process is evidence-based and incremental, with each phase building on the next. We also recognise that some employers have already made progress, and have moved through one or more phases and we are fully able to support clients at any stage of the process and can design and implement discrete programs to leverage what has already been achieved.

Diversity Australia’s model for sustaining diversity progress within organisations is based on change management best practice and established methodology. Where appropriate, we also promote the value of piloting as a bridge between the design of solutions and their implementation, to ensure that they are fully optimised before broader roll-out.

Diversity Australia’s approach to embedding sustainable change in organisations recognises that workforce diversity is one part of the solution, the foundation. To fully leverage the business benefits that employee diversity offers (such as diversity of thinking), organisations need to develop an inclusive culture.

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