Psychologically Safe and Inclusive Workplaces


Psychological safety is about creating an environment where staff can speak up, share ideas, ask questions and make mistakes without fear of humiliation or retribution.

Psychologically Safe and Inclusive Workplaces

Psychological safety is a critical inclusion competency which will provide access to diversity of thought and the foundation required to embed a speak up culture in your organisation.

Creating this environment supports genuine participation and contribution by all staff as they feel valued and respected.

Psychological safety is important for all staff but is heightened for those from under-represented groups who are more likely to have experience of negative consequences and inequities.


Making Sure Good Ideas Don't Die

Faced with increasing demands to inoculate your organisation against disruption, mitigate against ethical lapses in decision making and position leadership to be ready and willing to call out inappropriate behaviour, embedding psychological safety has become a non negotiable leadership competency. 


Creating a Safe Workplace

Creating psychological safety at work to spur greater performance and innovation
We give you the tools and know-how to create an organisation in which your teams have a safe and supporting environment to tap into their full potential.


Challenging the Status Quo

Our assessments help you spot where you need new people. Together, we can get the right talent into those roles through internal moves or external hires.

Leadership and Coaching Programs

Based on the outcomes of the Psychological Safety Survey or our other assessments, leaders will understand organisational/personal strengths and challenges. Our coaches then debrief the results and support leaders through the process of improving psychological safety. 


Teams and Individual Facilitation

Building or rebuilding psychological safety in a team can be a sensitive discussion for which leaders require support. Diversity Australia delivers a facilitated discussion, based on the assessment results, supporting accountability and further development.


Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

To tap into greater performance, innovation and creativity, psychological safety is crucial. When it exists, people feel safe to speak up, challenge the status quo, experiment with new ways of working, and openly talk about and learn from mistakes.

Today, we know the specific behaviours that lead to a safe workplace driven by diversity, equity and inclusion.   All of these behaviours can help you create a place where your teams feel motivated to contribute to common goals, feel safe to make mistakes and learn, and discover their full potential. 

We help you deepen your team’s understanding of psychological safety, build awareness about strengths and gaps across your organisation, and discover techniques that enhance this quality in your culture.


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Why we are different

Psychological safety is a key component of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Diverse opinions, experiences, and knowledge can be better leveraged if team members feel comfortable speaking up and are accustomed to considering alternate viewpoints.

Highly inclusive teams are empowered to share their unique perspectives with each other and are better positioned to reap the benefits of having a diverse team.

When it comes to performance, creating a trusting environment is essential. The Harvard Business Review has shared multiple studies that describe psychological safety as an important factor in high-performing (and hybrid) teams, and the teams who are most effective at problem solving have been shown to share two common traits:cognitive diversity and psychological safety.

Not only does psychological safety improve your team’s performance, it also enhances employee engagement. When team members feel that their insights are appreciated they:

  • Feel like a respected part of their team
  • See the value of their work
  • Feel accepted for who they are and the unique strengths they bring

How to measure psychological safety

One way to measure psychological safety in your organization is through employee surveys. However, traditional psychological safety assessments tend to focus solely on perceptions at the team level. Consider asking questions that measure employees’ perceptions of psychological safety both at work and within their team.

Leverage a pulse survey template to ask the right questions about whether team members feel that they can share their opinions, take risks, and make mistakes.

When reviewing your results, focus your data analysis at the team-level, rather than within the organization overall. While it’s valuable to have an understanding of the level psychological safety throughout your organization, any action that you take to improve psychological safety will be most effective within teams.

How to create psychological safety at work

Now that you know what it is, why it matters, and how to measure it—how do you transform your team environment and create psychological safety at work?

Let us create for you strategies to create psychological safety at work.

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