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HR IR WHS Compliance

On average human beings make 100 conscious decisions a day.

For business owners and managers, dozens of these decisions are complicated, time-critical and can have serious consequences – including important employment decisions in relation to hiring, rights and obligations, performance management and terminations.

By having unlimited access to our trusted workplace advisers and extensive knowledge base, you will be able to reach a decision up to three times faster than you could alone.

Building a relationship with an expert partner means you can rest easy in the knowledge that any employee issues will be resolved quickly, with common sense and with minimised risk to the business. It is important that the advice is pragmatic – and not conservative. Delaying decisions can be the most costly to any business. Equally getting these decisions wrong can be just as damaging to your bottom line and reputation.  Diversity Australia offers services to your business which include Human Resources (HR), Industrial Relations (IR) and Work Place Health and Safety (WHS)compliance.

Are you finding that managing HR issues is diverting attention away from you and your managers in adding value to your business?

Get access to the best tools and expertise that can often be out of reach for most businesses. Diversity Australia has been helping Australian employers for over 20 years and have found new ways to deliver HR-value-on-demand when you need it, at a fraction of the cost of traditional service models.

Choose from one of our HR solutions to compliment your business strategy and take your business to the next level.

Diversity Australia offers HR partnering solutions that grow with your business. Combine this with innovative HR Systems and Support and you have a winning formula to increase your productivity through improved management capability and culture.

At Diversity Australia our team can assist your business with the following:

  • Human Resources Policy and Procedures tailor made for your specific business needs.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Policy and Procedures tailor made for your specific business needs.
  • Relevant Modern Awards for your business.
  • Review and Negotiation of Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.
  • Investigations in to workplace bullying, harassment, discrimination & also act as the contact officer.
  • Providing templates and guidance through the performance management process and employee management.
  • Disciplinary process aided to suit your business and minimise the risks associated with the process.
  • Termination of employment either performance based or redundancy.
  • Representation in the Fair Work Commission, Relevant state commissions (if applicable) Human Rights or Equal Opportunities Commission or the relevant Workplace Health and Safety Authority.
  • Ensure the correct use of contractors in your business.
  • Compliance audits in your business
  • On site provision of Human Resources, Industrial Relations or OH&S experts.
  • Contact officer for Harassment bullying and discrimination issues.
  • Unlimited Telephone advice on HR IR & OHS issues.
  • HR Software to keep all policies procedures, performance reviews, disciplinary process and relevant employment information in the one secure location.

If your business would like to know more please do not hesitate to call our National Michael Corrigan, Director of ER/IR Compliance at Diversity Australia on 0400 553 644 or email [email protected].

Investigational Services

Workplace investigations have become increasingly common. If you’re facing a workplace investigation or other disciplinary matter, we can help you.  At Diversity Australia we take a proactive approach and attempt to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

We can assist by:

  • responding to allegations which are the subject of a workplace investigation
  • appearing with our clients at interviews with workplace investigators
  • preparing written complaints or grievances for clients who wish to initiate a grievance procedure or workplace investigation
  • dealing with employers, tribunals or boards conducting workplace investigations to provide our clients with certainty, clarity and fairness.

Diversity Australia’s employment lawyers have decades of experience advising professionals, executives, and employees on disciplinary matters and in workplace investigations. We have assisted doctors, CEOs, directors, managers, nurses, psychologists, teachers, and many others, to defend their professional reputations and protect their livelihoods.

We understand that workplace investigations need to be handled with both determination and discretion, and we work to successfully resolve your situation while protecting your current and future income, employment prospects and professional reputation.  Legal privilege over workplace investigations is increasingly being claimed by organisations in order to withhold valid information and outcomes from employees. The danger is that—within this shield of legal professional privilege—information and instruction can pass between the employer and the ‘independent investigator’ that enables the employer to covertly and even unlawfully influence the investigation and its outcome.

We are the expert choice for workplace investigations, and we will fight to protect your reputation and ensure transparency.  Dealing with complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes can detract from efforts to succeed.  Through better management of fraud risk and compliance exposure is a critical business priority — no matter the industry sector.  With our more than 3,000 fraud investigation and dispute professionals around the world, we assemble the right multidisciplinary and culturally aligned team to work with you and your legal advisers and we work to give you the benefit of our broad sector experience and our deep subject matter knowledge with the latest insights from our work worldwide.

Contact Officer Services

Workplace investigations have become increasingly common. If you’re facing a workplace investigation or other issue Trained Contact Officers become an important part of an effective system for dealing with complaints of inappropriate behaviour.

Employers may be held liable for employees’ behaviour, unless they can show they took ‘reasonable steps’ to prevent and manage it.   Along with effective policies, complaints procedures and training, appointing Contact Officers is one of the steps employers can take to support their commitment to a safe and productive workplace where all are treated fairly and with respect.

Engaging our service will enable staff and members to:


  • Provide appropriate Contact Officer services, using communication and active listening skills, and dealing with issues of confidentiality, duty of care, impartiality and vicarious liability;
  • Identify behaviours that could be unlawful or in breach of policy, such as sexual harassment, workplace harassment (bullying) or discrimination.
  • Explain organisational policies and procedures relating to harassment and discrimination, and the options available to staff for resolving issues;
  • Assist staff in clarifying their concerns, provide relevant information and help them decide what action to take to try and resolve their issue;
  • Provide appropriate information to management or H.R. personnel on the incidence of discrimination and harassment in their workplace;
  • Recognise potential impacts of discrimination and harassment on individuals and the organisation;
  • Assist in promoting relevant workplace policies;
  • Identify the different roles and responsibilities of Contact Officers and managers/supervisors.

We offer the following Contact Officer services for Communicare to consider.  There are key aspects to the Contact Officer role which are:


  • Dealing appropriately with staff and members who have issues;
  • Conducting effective meetings with those wanting more information or assistance;
  • Accurate and brief record keeping;
  • Following up issues as they occur; and
  • Providing feedback to the appropriate people within your organisation.

Whistle Blowing Services

Diversity Australia partners with Confidential Reporting Whistleblower service is for any organisation aiming to minimise workplace misconduct through the use of an independent and trusted whistle blowing reporting mechanism.

Current clients include major Australian organisations in a wide range of industries including:

  • Health and aged care
  • food
  • insurance
  • retail,
  • gaming
  • transport and logistics
  • packaging
  • energy and resources.

We can also support offshore companies on a 24/7 basis with the use of language recording and translation services.

Save time and money by letting us absorb the cost and complexity of setting up and running the service.

  • Save time and money by letting us absorb the cost and complexity of setting up and running the service.
  • Increased confidence that fraud or misconduct is more likely to be reported.
  • Gain insight with an effective management tool that can provide a business with insight into a range of issues such as the identification of the type of fraud or misconduct the business is vulnerable to, the adequacy of policy and procedures and the effectiveness of internal controls.

We help organisation reduce commercial and reputation risks by enabling employees a safe system.  As Australia’s first best whistle blowing service integrated with a traditional telephone hotline, we have dealt with thousands of unique disclosure scenarios and worked with some of the country’s largest organisations.

As such we offer our leading independent source of best practice enterprise-level external whistle blowing frameworks to meet an ever-challenging world of risk management.  Our hotline and related services has grown into a systematic integrated approach where in-house teams service you organisation’s needs.

For every minute fraud and misconduct goes undetected, your business pays. Fraud alone has cost Australian and New Zealand businesses $543 million in the previous 2 years (with an average loss of $3.5 million per organisation).

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