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All Cultures | All Ages | All Genders


Diversity Australia is the leading National and International professional services firm specialising in diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias and cultural change. We are passionate about building strategies for all organisations that promote a diverse and inclusive culture to support a high performing workforce setting a new standard for diversity globally.


Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Australia offers its strengths of developing effective diversity and inclusion strategies that have a dual focus on changing practices and influencing behaviour at an individual , team and organisational level. Our people bring hands on experience with our key clients to create more diversive and inclusive workplaces increasing awareness of leadership behaviour and the deeply held assumptions and biases which exist in most businesses today.  Read More

About the

Workplace Gender Equality Act

All non-public sector employers – including subsidiaries – with 100 or more employees (relevant employers) are required to report annually to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (the Agency). Employers with less than 100 employees within their corporate structure are not required to report, however, if a relevant employer’s numbers fall below 100, it must continue to report until employee numbers fall below 80.  Read More

Our Clients

Diversity Australia’s clients are a mix of Top Fortune 500 Blue Chip through to small enterprises.  We work with all levels of businesses to achieve excellence by being part of the fabric of your business.

Training and Surveys

Diversity Australia provides organisations with a range of services, from a one-off training program to the complete design and implementation of your diversity strategy.


Diversity Australia produces a regular newsletter to keep you up-to-date with legislation changes, developments and events within the field of diversity, unconscious bias and inclusion.  To subscribe to our newsletter click here.