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Active Bystander Training for Employees and Teams

Online Course – $45

Active Bystander Training for Employees and Teams

Online Course – $45

Our online Active Bystander Training course equips employees and workplace teams with the knowledge and skills to recognise and effectively intervene in situations involving harassment, discrimination, or other unacceptable and illegal behaviours. 

Participants will learn about what an active bystander is, what they do and how they do it, and why its so important in the modern day workplace. 

Participants will also learn about de-escalation techniques, effective communication strategies, and how to navigate complex power dynamics, as well as emotional intelligence and assertiveness skills in order to be able to confidently address conflicts while prioritising their well-being and that of others.

Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, you’ll be fully aware of the signs of harmful workplace situations, types and examples of unacceptable and illegal behaviours, and the best way to approach them for the safety of everyone involved, including yourself.

You’ll also understand how to overcome any hesitations you may feel in situations that would benefit from your intervention. In addition, taking this course is an opportunity to improve your conflict resolution and communication skills.

We’ll cover 8 modules in this course.

Module 1 introduces you to the concept of being an active bystander, including definitions, reasons why it’s important in your organisation, and legal considerations.

In module 2, you’ll learn about the common harmful situations and behaviours in the workplace as well as also being able to recognise more subtle calls for help.

Module 3 explores the barriers to becoming an active bystander and how to overcome them.

Module 4 looks at safe intervention as an active bystander.

In Module 5, the course focuses on developing skills for safe and successful interventions.

Module 6 discusses how to support a culture of active bystandership in the workplace.

Module 7 is about seeking support post-intervention.

And the final module, Module 8, summarises key takeaways from the course.

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