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Our Focus

We have a focus on long-term, sustainable employment based on partnerships between individuals, organisations and, importantly, community networks.

Personal, family and community needs, and the balance of responsibilities are critical considerations for increasing workplace diversity, meeting Indigenous employment targets and reducing the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

We Respect

We are very mindful and respectful of the diversity that lies within the Indigenous culture.

We know that each language group from the many different regions are unique in their own way and we acknowledge the traditional owners in the regions in which we operate.

Our Support

Our team of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment Specialists is supported by a team of Recruitment Consultants and Business Managers from across the community and bring specific industry knowledge and experience to uniquely position Authenticate to support, manage and drive enhanced Indigenous employment outcomes for our clients.

Our Approach

Our key community partnerships play an important role in identifying potential candidate pools, while at the same time training and up-skilling Indigenous candidates to identify potential and develop future opportunities.

Making A Difference

Many organisations are committed to engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Australians.

Providing employment opportunities is a key part of this engagement. Nevertheless, with the unemployment rate for the Indigenous population remaining stubbornly high at more than three times that for the non-Indigenous population, there is obviously more work to be done before sustainable employment outcomes for Aboriginal people are achieved.

Diversity Australia offers their key experience and resources from working with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, government agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and corporates that support and work with them as a trusted adviser.

We offer a unique service to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into careers, and walks along with them during their employment journey to provide advice, mentoring and other specialist supports.

Aboriginal Employment Strategy can provide employers with a diverse range of workforce solutions, including a contingent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce. Diversity Australia can assist you in screening and selecting skilled Aboriginal employees on a temporary, contract or permanent basis across a range of role classifications and types.

Our Processes Are Unique

Traditional sourcing and assessment methods are a key contributor to high Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander unemployment rates, resulting in 30% less workforce participation nationally across organisational landscapes. Diversity Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment Assessments Frameworks offer a design program with a relaxed and culturally sensitive approach, in contrast to traditional approaches most firms undertake that can create an uncomfortable environment for candidates. Additionally we design and  implement a non-verbal assessment and culturally sensitive induction processes that removes communication barriers, reduces turnover and leads to long term safety and well being in the workplace.

Our Indigenous Employment Plans take the long term view which includes effective attraction, recruitment and selection strategies and tailored assessment programs to ensure Indigenous candidates meet your needs.   Diversity Australia’s process of determining the Right Person  for the role looks at the behavioural components as a function of the person, their skills and temperament combined with the environment in which they would work for your business.

Identifying potential Indigenous candidates requires a tailored recruitment and assessment process to place the right people in the right role in the right environment. We have developed a number of culturally fair and flexible recruitment processes to identify Indigenous candidates which can be tailored to meet the needs of a multitude of sectors and address the specific challenges and opportunities our clients face. These processes include:

  1. Undertaking functional job assessments to determine best methodology for identifying Indigenous candidates in that sector
  2. Establishing competency benchmarks to ensure a fair and equitable selection process is achieved to maximise placement
  3. Engaging with training and support organisations to up skill and support candidates to ensure they bring the right skills required for each role
  4. Tailoring resume screening, phone interviews, assessment centres and group interview environments in line with the competencies and abilities of applicants in unique environments
  5. Working with employers and job network providers to facilitate Pre-employment training for positions requiring specific licences and tickets as and when required
  6. Working with Indigenous services to provide the relevant documents needed such as birth certificates and proof of Aboriginality forms

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Consistent with our approach of working with and for Indigenous people, we collaborate with Indigenous organisations to deliver impactful work across the Indigenous Sector.

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The most successful organizations realise that DE&I maturity is the shared responsibility of all internal stakeholders.

Key corporate functions must take responsibility for each dimension, but all functions must be on board for the DE&I journey.

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