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Our Commitment

Developing an appreciation and respect for Indigenous culture and understanding how this relates to the workplace and to the consumer and customer market is fundamental to creating successful engagement with Indigenous communities and people.

Our workshops provide insights into how culture shapes our values, attitudes and behaviours.  

Our Methodology

Diversity Australia designs training programs collaboratively with clients to ensure they are culturally appropriate and that they complement an organisation’s business objectives. Our programs do not impact on, or cross over into, local Traditional Owners cultural heritage, as they are focused on managing Indigenous cultural diversity in the workplace by providing a more generic view on cultural differences and behaviours that impact on engaging, managing, recruiting, retaining and training Indigenous staff.

Indigenous Awareness Program  (2 hours)

Developed for senior executives this package provides a stimulating introduction to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander philosophy, culture and history and creates a base from which to explore leadership skills required to drive Indigenous initiatives across the business. 

It delves into the intent of the business in regards to Indigenous engagement and participation, whilst unpacking the actions and behaviours required to successfully implement internal and external initiatives to ensure positive impacts for the business, clients and community. 

It is delivered as a short and powerful and engaging session to Executives and Leadership teams.

Indigenous Cultural Awareness & Competency  (half day)

Designed with the broader workforce in mind, this workshop utilises an interactive, experiential learning model to enhance understanding of Indigenous culture.

Developing an appreciation and respect for Indigenous culture, and understanding how this pertains to the workplace and consumer market is fundamental to successful engagement with Indigenous communities.

Our Cultural Awareness workshops provide participants with insights into how culture shapes our values, attitudes and behaviours, and demonstrates the benefits to personal and business growth.

The sessions also explore the diversity of Indigenous communities and how their history relates to health and well-being, employment and social inclusion. 

We include workplace case studies and tools to assist managers and employees who work with Indigenous colleagues.

The Indigenous Cultural Awareness & Competency Training is a comprehensive program designed to enhance participants’ understanding of Indigenous cultures, histories, and contemporary issues. The program spans a duration of four hours, during which participants engage in various interactive activities, discussions, and learning exercises.

The main objective of this training is to promote cultural sensitivity, increase awareness of Indigenous perspectives, and foster competency in engaging and collaborating with Indigenous communities. By the end of the program, participants will have gained valuable insights and knowledge that will enable them to develop respectful and meaningful relationships with Indigenous individuals and communities.

The program is structured to cover the following key areas:

  1. Introduction to Indigenous Cultures: Participants will be introduced to the rich diversity of Indigenous cultures, including their languages, traditions, art, and spirituality. They will explore the historical and contemporary context of Indigenous communities and gain an understanding of the impact of colonization and its ongoing effects.
  2. Cultural Protocols and Respectful Engagement: Participants will learn about the importance of cultural protocols when engaging with Indigenous individuals and communities. They will acquire practical knowledge about appropriate language, greetings, and respectful behavior, enabling them to navigate cross-cultural interactions with sensitivity.
  3. Indigenous History and Contemporary Issues: This section delves into the historical experiences of Indigenous peoples, including topics such as residential schools, treaties, and land rights. Participants will also examine contemporary issues faced by Indigenous communities, such as health disparities, social justice, and cultural preservation.
  4. Building Relationships and Collaboration: Participants will explore strategies for building authentic and collaborative relationships with Indigenous communities. They will learn effective communication techniques, active listening skills, and ways to establish trust and mutual respect. This section also emphasizes the importance of ongoing engagement and allyship.
  5. Cultural Competency in the Workplace: The program addresses the relevance of Indigenous cultural competency in various professional settings. Participants will gain insights into how to create inclusive work environments, develop policies that respect Indigenous rights, and integrate Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into decision-making processes.

Throughout the program, participants will engage in group discussions, case studies, and interactive exercises that encourage reflection and critical thinking. They will have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and learn from guest speakers who are Indigenous community members or experts in Indigenous affairs.

By the end of the Indigenous Cultural Awareness & Competency Training, participants will have a heightened awareness of Indigenous cultures, histories, and contemporary issues. They will possess the necessary tools and knowledge to engage with Indigenous communities in a respectful, inclusive, and culturally competent manner. This training aims to contribute to reconciliation efforts and foster positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous individuals and organizations.


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Who Are We

Diversity Australia is a specialist community and economic development consultancy firm working with, and for, Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander Australians. Diversity Australia works with individuals, communities, industry, government and non-government agencies and organisations at all levels to design, engage and promote effective tools for economic and social developmental change.

In all our work, Diversity Australia places particular importance on:

  • Designing and implementing change with (not for) Aboriginal Australians that actually works over the long-term;
  • Delivering outstanding value and impact in our products and services;
  • Empowerment and capacity building of Aboriginal Australians; and
  • Assistance with implementation.

The term ‘Indigenous’ in our company name refers to Aboriginal people as well as Torres Strait Islander people. We recognise that some people dislike the term Indigenous and some people dislike the term Aboriginal. We have respect for both these views. Part of our longer term vision is to provide innovative game-changing strategies and services for other Indigenous cultures around the world, such as New Zealand’s Maori people and North America’s American Indian people. For this reason the term ‘Indigenous’ is more appropriate.

Diversity Australia is the leading advisory group to industry in Australia and Intentionally providing our experience and resources to work with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities, government agencies, non-government organisations (NGOs) and corporates that support and work with them.

We advise corporate clients who want to include more Indigenous people and businesses in their workforces and supply chains. Our aim is to enable greater economic participation, employment and wealth creation by boosting Indigenous workforce participation, procurement and supply chain diversity.

Diversity Australia recognises that, given the opportunity, Indigenous people are resilient and capable and will define and negotiate their participation in the economic, social and cultural life of their communities and the nation.

We acknowledge the challenges and disadvantage that Indigenous people continue to face and we take these into consideration so that collaborative and appropriate solutions can be designed and implemented and through our work we seek to draw out solutions that promote Indigenous empowerment to promote wellbeing, prosperity, success and intergenerational wealth creation for all people.

Our guiding business principles that Diversity Australia work within is all about respect for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples’ cultures and their history.

We ensure that we are informed by Indigenous engagement, leadership and experience and understand the key focus of relationships before transactions occur.

We deliver against a partnership model that is purpose led and responds to Indigenous needs that are commercially sustainable and have a long term outcomes / impact approach over a short-term win viewpoint.

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The most successful organizations realise that DE&I maturity is the shared responsibility of all internal stakeholders.

Key corporate functions must take responsibility for each dimension, but all functions must be on board for the DE&I journey.

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