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The Impact of the Voice Campaign in Australia: A Missed Opportunity for Unity

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In recent years, the Voice Campaign has become a central topic of discussion in Australia. While it was initiated with the noble intention of addressing indigenous issues and fostering reconciliation, it has unfortunately, in many ways, divided the Australian people along lines that are far from constructive. This article merely explores how the Voice Campaign has inadvertently contributed to division in the country, highlighting the role of politicians in this process, and also examines the impact of certain high-profile individuals who have potentially hindered the fight against racism through their actions.

The Voice Campaign’s Noble Intentions
The Voice Campaign emerged from the Uluru Statement from the Heart in 2017, which called for the establishment of a “First Nations Voice” in the Australian Constitution and a Makarrata Commission to oversee agreement-making and truth-telling. These proposals were aimed at addressing the historical injustices faced by Indigenous Australians and creating a platform for their voices to be heard in the national decision-making process. While these objectives are commendable and necessary for reconciliation, the implementation of the campaign has led to unintended consequences.

Political Divide
One of the primary sources of division in the Voice Campaign has been the political maneuvering surrounding it. Instead of creating a unified approach, politicians have exploited the issue for their own gain. Some have used it as a wedge issue to score political points, further polarizing the Australian population along partisan lines. This divisive approach has hindered progress and left many Australians disillusioned with the political process.

A Missed Opportunity for Unity
The Voice Campaign presented an opportunity for Australia to come together in a shared commitment to reconciliation and addressing historical injustices that had already been established but was mismanaged by a group who should have been representing all indigenous people but only represented some who they had close alignment with leaving the rest of the mobs with little to no support or access to the very funds allocated to support them. However, the way it has been handled has, unfortunately, resulted in increased division. Instead of promoting unity, it has highlighted the rifts within society, exacerbating existing tensions.

High-Profile Individuals and the Fight Against Racism
Another concerning aspect of the Voice Campaign’s impact on Australian society is the behavior of certain high-profile individuals who have used the movement for personal gain and business gains. While many advocates genuinely support the cause, there have been instances of opportunistic actions that have damaged the broader fight against racism and in turn have exposed attacks on All Peoples rights to choose Yes or No without fear of being called a racist.

Monetization and Slander
Some individuals within the movement have been accused of using the campaign to further their own careers and financial interests. This has led to skepticism among the public, undermining the legitimacy of the Voice Campaign and its objectives. Additionally, instances of slander and personal attacks have tainted the discourse surrounding indigenous issues, detracting from the real issues at hand.  We need to do better.   We need to fix the system in place and keep looking for ways to improve society for All Cultures.

The Voice Campaign was initiated with noble intentions to address the historical injustices faced by Indigenous Australians and promote reconciliation. However, it has, in many ways, divided the Australian people rather than fostering unity. Politicians have exploited the issue for political gain, exacerbating partisan divides, and high-profile individuals have engaged in questionable behavior that has damaged the broader fight against racism.

It is crucial for all stakeholders to refocus on the campaign’s original goals and work together to bridge the divides that have emerged. Only through genuine collaboration and a commitment to the cause can Australia hope to achieve the reconciliation it so desperately needs.  That was always the plan.

If only people would work together and be held accountable for their failures we’d be far more ahead.

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