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Beyond Diversity: Unconscious Bias Foundations Course – 2 Hour Program- Live Virtual / Face to Face Delivery

$3,250.00 plus GST


  • Short Program – 2.0 Hours of delivery


  • Maximum Group Size – 40 people per sessoin


Everyone knows that all human beings sometimes feel more comfortable with some people and not with others. We all get “triggered” by exposure to different kinds of people. Unconscious perceptions govern many of the most important decisions we make every day and these perceptions can potentially have a profound effect on our personal and professional lives.

This Diversity Australia workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of “unconscious bias” on our personal beliefs and professional behaviour. In this session, participants will participate in “The Big Decision,” an experiential learning exercise that exposes hidden beliefs and attitudes toward others in the context of talent management.

This new higher level of engagement requires an increase of awareness, introspection, authenticity, humility, and compassion in all people. Most of all, this change will require better communication and a sincere commitment to action. Other key takeaways from this session will include a deeper examination of how unconscious bias develops in our minds, where those frameworks come from in our life experience, and the overall impact that “unconscious bias” could have on your bottom-line. We introduce the PAUSE model, and 6 steps for mitigating unconscious bias. Please note the 2 hour version of this course does not include The Big Decision simulation.


  • Be aware of your own Unconscious Biases and cultural influences.
  • Be aware of judging other people’s behaviour and beliefs according to the standards of your own Unconscious Bias.
  • Be aware of making assumptions about Unconscious Bias influences and applying generalisations to individuals.
  • Understand Unconscious Bias and behaviours and beliefs of people within each culture can vary considerably.
  • Understand that the extent to which people adopt practices of their new country and retain those from their cultural background can vary within communities, even within families.
  • Understand Unconscious Bias and that not all people identify with their cultural or religious background and Unconscious Bias.
  • Understand that Unconscious Bias itself is a fluid entity, undergoing transformations as a result of globalisation, migration and the diaspora influence.
  • Increase your knowledge about different cultural practices and issues through cultural background information sessions and/or resources and cultural awareness training.
  • Understand the importance of appropriate communication around Unconscious Bias.
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