Disability Awareness Programs


Our workplaces have changed dramatically with the need for disability awareness in our workplaces and communities.

As a community it is important that people with a disability are valued and included.

Over time people with disability have experienced incredible discrimination and have had stigma associated with the worlds misconceptions about their ability.

Program Overview

Diversity Australia’s disability awareness program is offered via three key delivery mediums. Face to Face, Virtual and Online delivery modules all capture the latest in learning and resourcing to allow organisations and their staff to meet the challenges ingrained across many cultural and attitudinal barriers that drive discriminatory behaviours.

This key program provides participants with a general overview of the latest laws and legislation frameworks which supports the management and inclusion of people with disability in nationally and internationally.

Learning Outcomes

This program equips participants with the skills and resources to better:

  • understand the laws and legislation framework which provide support for people with disability nationally and internationally;
  • identify and and remove the barriers across an organisation and our communities’ which are attitudinal that impact on people with disabilities;
  • how to remove barriers to engagement and the values that are associated with the discriminatory behaviours that exist;
  • provide a clear understanding of the disability discrimination acts and how to apply practically and management applications to prevent biases from occurring;
  • create an environment as an inclusive culture and leadership to improve communication and education of our workplaces.


Module 1 – What is disability?

Module 2 – Identifying disability in your workplace and community

Module 3 – Laws, Legislation & Policy changes

Module 4 – Disability across our Community

Module 5 – Diversity Development Programs and Inclusion

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Live Virtual / Face to Face Delivery

Live Virtual / Face to Face Delivery

Live Virtual / Face to Face Delivery

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