Diversity Australia offers a suite of market leading programs provide best of breed leadership development and immerse participants in an experience informed by the complexities and opportunities of being a female leader today.   Through a deep understanding of the needs of female leaders at every stage of their journey, we have created a rich and empowering learning environment which is singularly geared to enabling each participant to achieve their own unique vision of success.

Our Women in Leadership program offers the most impact bring all elements of an Executive Experience Program , the partnership with your development coach provides an exclusive opportunity to focus on you.

Executive Advantage is built around the concept of high touch coaching and mentoring. Over the twelve-month journey, the collaborative nature of the relationship between you and your development coach will enable you to put in place the foundations for long-term career success.

Interspersed throughout your journey will be five, two-hour executive coaching sessions focused exclusively on your challenges and aspirations. In addition to acting as a sounding board for important decisions and strategies, your coach will also be beside you every step of the way helping you to distill maximum value from each experience.

Through this unique relationship, Executive Advantage strikes the perfect balance between high impact, just in time, career coaching and committed, long-term support.