Increasing workforce diversity is a recognised as a major priority of energy business leaders across the world.  In an industry that has traditionally been male dominated for many years driven a small recruitment pool of specialised candidates, a new program of cross cultural diversity and inclusion has been established by Diversity Australia to pioneer a Cultural Champions of Change across their organisations.

This industry has had traditionally few too few women available according to a Urban Research 2015 report based on interviews with 580 senior leaders from more than 2000 energy, resources and mining services companies internationally.

Diversity Australia has undertaken a detailed review and diagnostics of the Diversity and Inclusion challenges and opportunities for a number of global firms and has undertaken key research and surveys to identify what’s required to educate employees, managers and senior leaders about diversity and inclusion for their organisation.

Our key clients have achieved incredible success through the development of comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategies combined with our assessment centres to broadened their recruitment programs.

We have incorporate diversity and branding their creative efforts to create a balanced global and innovative workforce profile of a diverse and inclusive organisation.

Diversity Australia has worked closely with its Global Partners such as Glencore, Xstrata, Redpath, Pybar, Energex and Ergon to build a more diverse and inclusive cultures throughout their businesses in Australia and beyond.

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