Contact Officer Mentor Support Program- – Live Virtual Face to Face Delivery

$250.00 plus GST


Diversity Australia’s Contact Officers Mentoring Program offers our key staff as experienced and successful professional mentors who have key skills and careers experience through knowledge sharing, advice and active reflection. These elements become professional development opportunities for Contact Officers that support participants to grow and reach their full potential and performance optimisation when dealing with complaints.

Our Mentors can assist staff who have general enquiries or concerns about workplace conduct across a broad range of items such as :

  • providing information, guidance and support on options to resolve issues and explain choices to prevent issues before they reach escalation points
  • provide information, guidance and resources to assist with matters related to all matters and processes
  • guidance around outlining your departmental policies, processes and principles for contact officers
  • how to deal with stress, eliminating unconscious bias and conflicts of interests
  • referring staff to the your key support services, both internally and externally (e.g., Employee Assistance Program (EAP))
  • guiding Officers to explore other options, if they are not able to solve their issue or manage the situation (e.g., steps to take in formalising a complaint, or engaging formal resolution processes)
  • maintained increased self-awareness around conflict and enhanced personal skill of self-regulation (managing one-self).
  • be able to respond to conflict to create choice rather than react
  • be able to promote a collaborative approach to resolving conflict
  • be able to influence others by modelling a non-anxious response
  • promote a productive workplace that encourages respectful relationships.


The program is charged as a per employee costs and has a simply methodology and framework of one call per month for one hour per month.

Costs per call per month is $100 per call.

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