This research piece by the International Labour Organization outline factors behind gender-based pay inequalities.

It discusses the gender pay gap across different countries including revealing the countries with less than 20% gneder wage gap, and those with more than 20%:

“Gender inequalities in pay are often assessed through an indicator known as the gender pay gap. The gender pay gap measures the difference between male and female average earnings as a percentage of the male earnings.

Overall, features such as differences in educational levels, qualifications, work experience, occupational category and hours worked account for the “explained” part of the gender pay gap. The remaining 
and more significant part, the “unexplained” portion of the pay gap, is attributable to the discrimination – conscious or unconscious – that is pervasive in workplaces.”

The research also considers…:

What causes the gender pay gap?

Making pay equity the core of the gender equality strategy

What can companies do?

…and provides an extensive reference notes section.

View research by clicking on the image or button below.

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