Urban Assessments

Urban Diversity Research produces high-quality, leading edge research and provides expertise on human resource and business issues for the purpose of advancing the HR profession. Urban cutting edge research is used by human resource professionals to develop their knowledge and to provide strategic direction to their organisations.  As leading experts in the field of HR, Urban works closely with leading academics, policy makers and business leaders.   The Workplace Diversity Practices Survey instrument was developed by the Urban Global’ s Diversity Survey Program team who coordinate and manage the integrity of the analytics.  Urban’s workplace diversity practices refer to efforts organisations engage in to provide an inclusive corporate culture that values differences and promotes opportunities for all employees. Traditionally, diversity programs have focused mostly on race and gender and other physical dimensions. However, today’s definition of diversity covers a broad spectrum of individual and group differences ranging from work styles and generational perspectives to political and religious preferences. Under the umbrella of diversity practices, organizations are employing methods of understanding and relationship building that encourage the voice of all employees to be heard and embraced. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations are learning that perspectives of diverse employee groups add value and creativity to organizations’ strategic direction. In fact, the practice of embracing and leveraging differences for the benefit of the organization through the collaboration of cultures, ideas and experience is proving to make a strong business case.