Diversity Australia proudly celebrating International Women’s Day theme, Changing Climates: Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow and encourages all organisations to undertake and adopt the new global best practices standards recently released and adopted by countries globally for ISO/DIS 30415 Human Resource Management  Diversity and inclusion as a risk system for Human Capital Management.   

 As many firms have started undertaking their Audits, Certification and Accreditation through Diversity Australia in this new holistic approach to diversity and inclusion which enables organizations to demonstrate a real commitment to valuing people at every level, it’s a timely reminder that we recognise the contribution of women and girls around the world, who are working to change the climate of gender equality and build a sustainable future for our future generations on this earth.

The new standards are intended to facilitate the fairness and dignity of all at work and as your organisation celebrates International Women’s Day as a day to acknowledge and honour women around the world for the contributions they make each day to society we encourage all organisations to join us celebrating this global day recognising the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women focusing whilst continuing to accelerate gender parity across the world as a key initiative.

“We must continue to acknowledge and honour the importance of the contributions of women globally so that young girls around the world see examples of role models that look like them so that they know there is hope, a path forward, and a trail blazed for them to step into their greatness.  International Women’s Day is for women and men to recognise and understand the important role we all play in achieving gender equality through equity globally.”   Steven Asnicar, Director DIversity Australia.

All organisations have a legal requirement to ensure their frameworks which are relevant to all organizations, whatever their size, sector and level of maturity ensures that that decision-makers approach according to their organization’s in context to the standard ensures it’s “valuing people” is not confined to the calculation of directly quantifiable monetary value but recognises that “value”, defined as the inherent and unique merit and worth of people, connotes the actual – or potential – contribution that people at all levels in the organization make as a result of their capabilities, knowledge, skills, networks, experience, attitudes and insights.

They should be developing an inclusive workplace which requires an ongoing commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) to address inequalities in organizational systems, policies, processes, and practices as well as people’s conscious and unconscious biases and behaviours.

This international standard provides guidelines to organizations on diversity and inclusion, D&I principles, practices, approaches, methods, and mechanisms, to enable and support equity, fairness, equality, and accessibility in workplace contexts.  It also recognizes that each organization is different and that decision-makers need to determine the most appropriate approach to integrate D&I into the organization’s business processes, based on the organization’s context.  It can also foster consistency and fairness in the management and development of people in the supply chain, the delivery of the organization’s products and services, and the interaction with other stakeholders.

Diversity Australia is committed to unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and actions to ensure the recognition of equality and equity for women globally and the important role they play in shaping our new world of sustainability.

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