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Diversity Australia’s Inclusive Leadership Tools Are The First Of Their Kind, Designed To Answer The Specific Question… “How Can I Be More Inclusive Across An Entire Workplace?”

Diversity Australia is the leading National and International professional services firm specialising in diversity, inclusion, unconscious bias and cultural change.

We are passionate about building strategies for all organisations that promote a diverse and inclusive culture to support a high performing workforce setting a new standard for diversity globally.

  • Inclusive Leadership Index Data driven by our tool
  • Validated Globally by Accredit Global
  • ISO Diversity and Inclusion Accreditation Audits
  • ISO/AWI 30415 Diveristy and Inclusiuon Certified

ISO Diversity & Inclusion AWI 30415 Frameworks

Built on our ISO Diversity and Inclusion AWI 30415 frameworks this is a data and scientific competency model and designed to generate the insights required for behaviour change and assist in embedding an inclusive culture by leveraging the following areas.

  • Providing clarity about expected behaviours (this means what inclusive behaviour looks like at work and beyond)
  • Optimising the business and individual performance of diverse teams by providing leaders and teams with insights about their strengths, gaps and blind spots
  • Enabling targeted and individualised learning journeys for leaders and teams
  • Holding people accountable for inclusive behaviours as part of their Key Performance Indicators
  • Fairly measuring, managing and recognising people against the Inclusive leadership Index as well as and rewarding them for their inclusive behaviours
  • Enabling leaders and teams to be benchmarked and see progress by re-testing and setting targets
  • Better positioning leadership to deepen their relationships with internal and external stakeholders for improving business performance

Products & Services

Companies that prove a responsible approach to diversity, equality and inclusion issues will gain a vital competitive edge and build confidence in its clients, investors, local communities and consumers.

Diversity and social responsibility has risen to the forefront of company concerns. Openly communicating diversity and social accountability can build trust and support ONLY if the stakeholders are confident that the information is accurate in representing the company’s social, environmental and ethical performance.

We cover all type of services but typically:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Tools
  • Gender Parity Benchmarking for Remuneration
  • Training and Learning Systems
  • Inclusive Leadership Management Programs
  • Unconscious Bias Testing & Training

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