Welcome to your Membership Portal Training Page

Below We Explain How To Access The Various Training Courses & Programs in Your Membership Subscription:

Some of your training courses are accessed through our elearning hub known as “eHub” and some are accessed here in your membership portal on this website, such as webinar replays, and other video training.

Your full online elearning training courses are housed in our Learning Management System Hub (eHub). You can view these course here.  However, in order to get access to one or more of these courses as part of this membership, you will need to have a “redemption code” from the person in your company who is the administrator for this portal.  Once you have recevied a redemption code, you can enter the code on the registration page, and there will be no charge to access the course.  One redemption code enables free access to one course.

The training housed within the membership portal on this website (Diversity Australia), including webinar replays and video training, can be accessed by via the yellow button below:

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