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Why the ABC is at odds with Diversity Practices

If the ABC were audited for diversity, the report might read something like as follows: “Evidence suggests that the ABC’s organisational culture ­reflects structural discrimination. The staff profile is unrepresentative and produces marginalisation of outsiders or ‘others’. This marginalisation persists due to ­apparent discrimination in recruit­ment and promotion practices. As a consequence, the ABC’s program […]

Australians awake to glorious news that massive cultural diversity targets within government, universities and business

As far as titles go, ‘Race Discrimination Commissioner’ is a fairly benign one. Certainly, as distinct from its incumbent, Dr Tim Soutphommasane, it is not quite as bombastic as its former Soviet counterpart, the ‘People’s Commissariat for Nationalities’. That comparison of course is not meant to imply the office’s communiques, or that of its parent […]

Human Rights Commission-led Corporate Diversity Drive Rebuffed

The Turnbull government empowered by an angry backbench has rejected a Human Rights Commission-led campaign for ­racial and cultural diversity ­targets to be pushed on corporate Australia. The commission’s July 2016 reform blueprint, Leading for Change,recommended that ­organisations consider “sending signals on cultural diversity” by collecting data on the cultural backgrounds of employees in ­addition […]

Corporate’s Caught Napping on Gender Diversity

As an entrepreneur, Ms Liu founded The Dream Collective in 2012 because she was confronted by the lack of leadership development opportunities for young women in the workplace. She says Australian corporate leaders are doing it wrong, and need to get better at “walking the talk”. Research shows that for every $10 invested into senior […]